Precision surgery for cancer treatment

Created to guide surgeons, deployed to benefit patients

Surgeons have to balance between radical tumor resection and sparing healthy tissue. This is not an easy task as tumor tissue is often difficult to identify during surgery. For this task the surgeon still has to rely on visual and tactile feedback. Diagnostic imaging shows detailed information about tumorlocation and vital structures. During surgery,  surgeons are missing this info in the surgical field.

Easily know where to go

Advanced imaging and navigation technology shows the position of your instrument, tumor borders and patient’s anatomy in one view.

Improved patient outcomes

Increased capabilities to improve patient outcome by: precise and safe guidance to tumor location and radical tumor resection, sparing healthy tissue.

Surgical precision

Advanced tracking of surgical instruments with Electromagnetic sensor technology.

User in control

Intuitive control at the table side of clinical information.

Precision surgery for cancer treatment